ICD-10 Coding

Are you interested in coding?

We recognize the need for education in the area of Coding and are pleased to offer a Comprehensive Training Program to assist you with improving your skills and enhancing your Medicare Reimbursement possibilities. Our Coding Training will navigate you through the Fundamentals of Coding and instruct participants on the use of the Coding Manuals. Understanding the use of the book and how to determine the appropriate codes supporting the patient’s diagnoses are the core goals of the program. An exam will be given at end of the program to measure your successful understanding and knowledge gained.

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Our Coding Training Seminar will teach you how to accurately complete a Comprehensive Patient Assessment. Correctly completing a Comprehensive Assessment of your patients is essential for you agency to provide quality Healthcare. The Assessment Tool includes Clinical, Functional, and Service areas that are measured during the Evaluation and Assessment Process. This assures that all patient needs are assessed and a comprehensive strategy to implement care is established. Knowledge and Analysis of Clinical Assessment and Outcomes are imperative to running a successful and profitable agency.

Outcome Data attained by the Home Health Comparison Organization will attest as to how your organization compares both regionally and nationally with other Home Health care Providers. Your agency scores are a testament to achieving quality Clinical Management as well as utilizing data as a marketing tool when meeting with referral sources that are Outcome driven. Healthcare Reform is driving the provision of healthcare to a performance based reimbursement model and Coding correctly is more essential.

Learning the essentials of coding will allow your agency to attain accuracy in diagnosis documentation, compliance and result in the maximum level of reimbursement to provide disciplines of care necessary to care for the patient. Your instructor will provide you with the tools to accurately select the correct codes based upon diagnoses. Definitive selection of codes related to diabetes, wound care and post surgical management will be reviewed. We will demonstrate and teach you how to utilize the coding manual in determining the proper case weight/mix for reimbursement.

Things We Cover in Our ICD-10 Coding Training

  • Learn the best practices for Coding
  • How to determine correct Diagnosis Assignments
  • Coding Guidelines and Tips for Accuracy
  • Selection of the correct Primary and Co-Morbidities Diagnoses
  • Utilizing the Hypertension and Neoplasm Table correctly
  • Understanding Surgical Codes, V Codes and Diabetic Codes
  • Coding Scenarios
  • Case Mix Codes for Reimbursement
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