Infusion Therapy Specialty Training

Lifetime Infusion Therapy Specialty Program

Turn Key – Comprehensive Program compliant with INS standards

Our Infusion Therapy Program teaches you how to deliver high quality infusion patient services that will generate a profitable revenue stream for the agency.

This two day training program includes:

1. Infusion Policy & Procedures

2. Infusion Education provided:

  • Patient Care
  • Documentation
  • Infection Prevention and Safety Compliance
  • Infusion Equipment
  • Vascular Access Device Site Selection and Placement
  • Site Care and Maintenance
  • Infusion Related Complications
  • Infusion Related Procedures
  • Nonvascular Access

3. Competences Demonstrated:

  • Peripheral IV insertion
  • Accessing a Port
  • Flushing different infusion lines
  • Dressing changes for different infusion lines
  • Lab draws from infusion line
  • Infusion pump operation, most common pumps for homecare use
  • Removing infusion lines
  • Subcutaneous infusion set insertion

4. Credential certificate completed by a 21st Century Infusion experienced RN

5. Copy of the CV for the RN completing the training and competency

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