Testimonials from recent clients who have attended this course.

The highlight of this training program for me was the documentation, billing, and marketing presentations. You can’t do most of the things that 21st Century offers you by yourself. My experience in working with them is that you will save money, time and headaches. I’m so glad I didn’t open my own home care agency on my own. T.J. Osby

Bridges Home Health Care, VA

My experience with 21st Century team has been great.  They are very reliable, very understanding and very proficient. If you attend their training programs as I have done, you will not be disappointed. Foncho Fobanjong

Health is Wealth Home Health LLC, CA

Training was a beautiful experience I had with 21st Century.  I would like to say thank you for everything. Aduliane Desir

Helping Hands Companion Caregiver LLC, FL

When I decided it was time to follow my dream to start a home care agency, I researched for months and became confused because I didn’t know where to start so I decided I needed help; my first choice was 21st Century. The reason being it kept popping up all over the internet!. I requested information and I received a call from Sherry a few minutes later. The first time I arrived at boot camp, looking around and taking in all the needed information, I knew I made the right decision.  Thank you for letting Easy Living become a part of the 21st Century Family. You made my vision come alive. Forever grateful. Katrina Rhodes

Easy Living In Home Care LLC, TN

I would like to thank all of the staff at 21st Century for welcoming me into their home with tremendous knowledge, smiles, and being compassionate. Thank you very much. Stephanie Ishman

Care Giving Angels, AL

It was awesome, very informative, good networking and good vendors. Darlene Green

Care Giving Angels, AL

Well organized, friendly staff, approachable and positive attitude is what 21st Century is. Mary Mwaura

Alpha Care Home Health, MO

We are very glad we came because it was money well spent in helping us sort and navigate our course of direction in getting our home health running. Augustine De Guzman

Agape Care Home Health Inc., CA

I loved it!. Wonderful people, servant / leaders, well informed and ready to assist you in every area of your business. I would come again. Alexis C. Carter

I AM Companion Home Care LLC, VA

I am an RN / Veteran and I can say the VA will need help with the clients!. Happy to serve the community!! Beverly Smith

Valencia Home Health, NY

All of the topics of this training program are relevant and extremely necessary to have a successful home care agency. Attending the boot camp made me witness first hand the culture the 21st Century team has. They are a close knit second family. They are serious about their business and responsibilities that they have to their clients. I also wanted to mention that our coach/account manager Annalise has been awesome from the get go, patiently guiding us through all the steps of the way. Aldirn Della

Wecare Home Health LLC, CA

Besides all the material covered in the last 5 days the highlight of this training program has been the direct conversations I have had with staff and partners such as Teresa Harbor from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), Lynn Lambarta from Medicare Billing and Rhonda/Becky from the 21st Century team. The first hand information was invaluable. The 21st Century team has been so friendly and willing to provide the time I needed to understand the information. We have a unique company setup (PEDS) and we appreciate 21st Century partnering with us to help figure out our unique marketing approach. Jenna Val-Steneel

Spark Home Health, CO

Top notch. Everything you do is 1st class and your passion for what you do comes through from every one of your employees and your vendors relationships. Carol Knouse

Avid Home Care Services, FL

The boot camp was great! More than I expected. Everyone that I spoke with was very informative! Betty Berrisford

Avid Home Care, FL

I learned at the training to keep smiling, to never give up and be humble. I recommend this training program to anyone who wants to open a home care agency. It is instrumental for anyone who is involved in running an agency. The 21st Century boot camp was very informative. Not only will they teach you how to run a Home Care Agency but they will teach you invaluable life skills. Melique Cox

TLC Home Care LTD, Bermuda

The highlight of the boot camp was the group breakout exercises. I really enjoyed myself. I came to boot camp with reserve but upon arriving we were welcomed with a wonderful spirit and open arms. They also made us feel like family and that makes a big difference for me. Diane Roberts

Gentle & Caing Homecare Solutions, OH

The training program was very informative, uplifting and inspiring. Working with the 21st Century team was one of the best experiences and decisions I have ever made. I came to 21st Century alone praying for and trusting my faith that I have found the right consulting company. I can tell you that my experience has been a blessing to my business. I feel well informed and empowered by this group to be successful. I’m excited to join the 21st Century family. Demetria Clardy

Healing Angels Home Care Services, OH

It is a good blend of training for beginners and established agencies. I just started so I will definitely come back for boot camp once the agency is up and running. Keith Ngiyen

Aeon Home Health Care, TX

I learned a lot. All the information I have struggled to know was presented. Thank you for all that you have done for my agency. Elizabeth Koroma

Zion Hands of Grace, TX

I am grateful to have come across 21st Century my business is doing very well and taking it up the next level. Having people like this company that believed in me. Winning for me, my family and others. Olive Baimba

Elite Care and Staffing, PA

I am very much excited about the training because it enabled me to have more confidence on what I am going to do. Nabie Bangura

Golden Fountain, TX

21st Century is over the top!. Professional, full of information and knowledge. I like that anyone you go to if they don’t know the answer they will find out for you asap. This can be a very stressful process if you overthink with 21st Century. I just had to read, they really made the whole process stress free. Rochelle Horton

Season of Peace LLC, TX

If an individual is serious about his or her home care business, it is imperative they sign up with 21st Century team to gain and learn all the related materials necessary to open a successful home care business. Julienne Pierre-Louis

JodaMax LLC, MA

As I attend my 2nd boot camp, I realize the tremendous information, teaching, how to set goals, business rules, business basics, networking relationships. If I put everything that I learned from the boot camp there is no way not to be successful in your business. Yole Pierre-Louis

JodaMax LLC, MA

Going through the startup process is very time consuming and can be discouraging to a person. The support systems that you provide helps eliminate the stress, along with the thought of being a failure. Pamela Rainey

No More Tears for Me, AL

21st Century boot camp was great. It provided me an opportunity to learn about the various type of health care facilities and programs out there to get the business started from beginning to the end. Above all they really care about everyone success. I had a very pleasant experience. Godwin Olumese

Prudent Home Health Care Services Inc, NY

This company clear the mountains of doubts and frustrations of people coming anew to the Health Care business. The networking is very superb. It is shown through the training by the competence of all the presenters. The program is really amazing. Omonike Awakani

Restoration Home Care Inc, IL

21st Century’s owner and staff are professional and informative. They are willing to answer all questions provided by agencies that go to boot camp so that they can be successful. These people are great. Abidemi Fijabi

Magnolia Home Care, IL

21st Century are experts, well informed staff who care about their clients. Richard McCarthy

At Home Senior Care LLC, NJ

21st Century put on a great show. It was extremely rewarding to be a benefactor of all the knowledge and experience in the room. Ryan Kooklan

F&R Home Care, CA

21st Century is very knowledgeable about the industry. Staff are very helpful. I saw the gaps in my current knowledge and practices especially in my marketing strategy. Took good notes on it and I cant wait to implement it. Syville Comstock

Angel Caregivers, IL

21st Century is the”only” company to work with when planning to open your own home care business. They are attentive to every detail you need to know and they are with you and support you 100% all the way. Erin Parsekian

Global Care LLC, MA

I felt prepared going into boot camp with my research and feasibility study. The extra knowledge gained during boot camp strengthens that but also showed me just how much more I need to know and do to truly be successful in my business. Kevin Sharples

No Place Like Home Health, MI

The training was very informative. I learned a lot and feel that I am fully equipped to start my home health agency. Emmannel Asine

ZEM Health Agency, MA

I had a vision of what I wanted for my business and 21st Century gave me the positive jump to making that vision come true. Thank you. Faithalee Battaylue

Humanity Home Care, CT

Great company. Excellent in guiding us through the process and solutions. Jerry Akarolo


Wonderful learning experience. I do not know how anyone could get started without going through this bootcamp. Bruck Hall

TLC Home Care and Health Services, MO

Please do not start your business before you attend the boot camp at 21st Century, you will be surprised how much information you get and they make your life so easy: “The money you pay is worth it”. Hiwet Tadesse

Vision Home Health Care, VA

Everyone was helpful, nice and provided a lot of useful information. John and his team were awesome! I would highly recommend 21st Century Health Care Consultants to anyone who wants to start their own home health agency. Diane Hahn

Freedom Home Care, MD

21st Century will definitely give you the tools, resources and knowledge to have a successful home care business. I really got the sense that 21st Century will NOT let me fail! Dominique Atkins

Atkins Healthcare Solutions, MD

I’m very grateful that I’ve found 21st Century to walk me through and motivate me to start my own business. This training has made a significant change with my decisions. I love this quote “Think outside the box”. Everyone is a fabulous speaker. Thank you, thank you. Words can’t describe how thankful I am. Thanks to google for finding 21st Century. Natividad Alegre

Angels Touch Home Care LLC, MD

You guys are truly changing peoples’ lives and I thank everyone at 21st Century for that. John A Castro

Blossom Care Companion, CA

Licensing would be extremely difficult if not impossible to obtain without 21st Century! Kami Falk

LCH Staffing Solutions Inc., TX

At 21st Century you will feel at home from day one. Intense program, full of presentations, very interesting and educational. Every minute you are here you develop confidence that you can do it and you want to do it. The people are nice, especially Rhonda and John. Girma Berhane-Merkel

Vision Home Health Care, VA

21st Century truely cares about you and your business. We look forward to having them by your side. Kristen Hall

TLC Homecare and Health Services, MO

The first day I stepped into the class was amazing. I was embraced with warm welcome, kindness, and cheerfulness by the staff of 21st Century. I got all the information I need to succeed in my personal care business. In addition, I had the opportunity to meet and interact with many friends. More grease to your elbow. Peter Odualukwe

Affordable Healthcare Services

Great training. I was a little overwhelmed regarding starting up a Home Health Agency. After attending boot camp training I am confident that we will be successful. TJ Paduia

Care Indeed, CA

The information is crucial for startup agencies. It was valuable for existing agencies who needs a “tune up”. I feel refreshed and ready to share this information with my staff. Marcia Kyer

Advance Medical Services, MO

Excellent program with a motivated leadership. John is full of energy and passion for his business. Overall an outstanding concept in helping start-up agencies. I would definitely come again. Angus Baptiste

Premier Home Care, NJ

21st Century gave me the confidence and the tools I need to be successful to pass the ACHC survey and have a great home health company. Nina Turner

Generations Home Health, VA

21st Century has given me knowledge and confidence for myself and organization to become the best we can be! Britney Matos, RN

Generations Home Health, VA

21st Century is exactly what you need if you are looking to get into home care business and remain successful. They will always be by your side. Dedan M. Keranja

Pioneer Valley Health Resources, MA

21st Century encouraged me through their sales department who handles you well. They offer to help even when you feel like you want to give up. Availability to reach to them and you will be helped all the time. They give you enough time to meet their payments.  You will not be alone when you are starting your home care business with 21st Century. Peter Irara

Pioneer Valley Health Resources, MA

21st Century is amazing! They made the process of starting our home health care so easy! They were so knowledgeable and educated. From the day we called to actually going through the process of taking on our first patient everyone was so helpful! Summer Jongo

Greater Light Home Health Care, VA

21st Century takes care of all the paperwork need to open your home health care agency. They are the best you they really make you feel like family. Elma Eml

Home Care with Edna Earl LLC, VA

This is the most comprehensive seminar that I have ever attended. It covered everything from regulations and medical specifics to business strategies and marketing. I made great connections and I feel even more motivated and confident that my business will succeed, because 21st Century “Has my back!” Anthony Marquez

Vibrant Living Services LLC, CO

The resources and information that was presented by the presenters were all invaluable, a lot of my questions, uncertainties and hesitation about running our home health business were answered. I now have the confidence with the knowledge gained in this training that will make my agency be successful. Geraldine DeGuzman

Agape Care Home Health Inc, CA

A personalized approach to business. 21st Century puts people first and will do whatever it takes to help you succeed!. Your success is their success! Kelly Occhiuzzo

Maple Tree Home Health, FL

Boot camp gave us the priceless opportunity to interact with the whole 21st Century team. Partnering with their knowledge and experience in the home care industry has assured our success. Tammy Pike Farrell

Maple Tree Home Health, FL

My first boot camp training with 21st Century and I am very impressed. I signed up with 21st Century and look forward to a great journey with them to build my business. Adeline Thomas

Elderly Savior Homecare, NJ

I was skeptical at my first. My sister and business partner told me about it and I said you have to watch those consulting companies. She signed up anyway and I came along only to be blown away with how much this company cares about our success. Vendetta Philmore

Champion Home Care Solutions, PA

21st Century has been the key for our organization to open and maintain compliance with appropriate policies and their breath of knowledge. Always available to help when we need them. Connie Fries

Parallel Home Care Services Inc, MI

Thank you to 21st Century for helping me make my dream a reality. Culley Burleson

Nayar Health Care, VA

Professional people. Extremely knowledgeable. Tony Her

Druk - National Home Care, KS

21st Century has an amazing knowledgeable staff that makes the time to make you feel like they are working only directly for you. They understand that everyone has different circumstances and situations and they customize their services to your individual needs. Melissa Hernandez

Hope House Home Health, PA

I came to boot camp as a novice in the health care industry and will take-a-way higher level of industry understanding and confidence. 21st Century has an amazing process, support system, and staff ready to assist in all areas of my startup and credentialing process… Ben Melton

A Better Way Home Care, IN

Great company to work with. Detailed solution finders. Sidony Eno

Wellcare of North Georgia Inc, GA

At first we as partners were leary about 21st Century. We drove down from NC prior to submitting the capital for this. We found them to be transparent and friendly. This process is tedious and time consuming. They guarantee getting us through this the whole process.  They also travel to the states for assistance to have not worry about policies and procedures is invaluable. Unlimited training, unlimited assistance, invaluable opportunities to network to find knowledge and for me to trigger my spinning wheel of unique experiences. Alycia Wright

Care Is Us, NC

We spoke to multiple franchise companies before we stumbled upon 21st Century and we are forever grateful. They have been amazing, prompt, professional, informative and supportive. Brenda Bixer

Vibrant Living Services, CO

I enjoyed everything about this training program especially learning about the intake process, patient admissions, VA Benefits, Office Setup and software presentations (also the food was delicious). The 21st Century team are caring, positive and knowledgeable. The speakers were excellent. It truly was the best training I ever went too!. Thank you. Deb Carter

Deb's Helping Hands LLC, FL

Walking into the boot camp we could feel the family connection. This is the 1st investment that we have made and we could see what we paid for. The staff made us feel like success is the goal, not the company getting paid. Tracey Berry

Family 1st Home Health Care LLC, MO

With 21st Century, they showed me how to have a functional home care agency. Despite the fact that my state license takes 2-3 years. They showed me how to set medicaid waiver that enabled me to operate my agency. Thank you! Olu Bankjoko

Divine Home Health LLC, NY

The training was extremely informative, the staff very friendly, caring and demonstrate their proficiencies and area of expertise in layman’s terms. The environment was open to learning, networking. Great training! Highly recommend. Regine Clermont

Elite Touch, MD

A wonderful family owned company that care about its clients and treat them like family. Chris Phan

New Day Home Care LLC, TX

The information provided was very through and is proven to be beneficial to my agency and its future success. It has been great working with the 21st Century team. Everyone has been patient with me and willing to help with any questions I may have. Brandy Helman-Deiterich

Heart Song Care, VA

The highlights of the training that stood out to me were the marketing and medicaid waiver presentations. Miriam Aponte

Rehobot, PA

The employee screening process and the breakout groups were beneficial to my agency. I highly recommend you participating in their training program because you will learn what you need to be successful.  The 21st Century team has always been there for me when I needed them and will be with me in the future as well. Olivia Kollah

Humble Beginnings Personal Care, PA

The training program provided by 21st Century has given me the knowledge and confidence to make my agency a successful one.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Maurice Hills

Hills Home Health Care, FL

The material provided during training was essential to my agency’s success. There was enough time allotted for each subject that was discussed. I highly recommend attending training with 21st Century. Mahfuzul Haque

Hi-Tech Home Care Inc, NY

The marketing and building relationships within your market were the highlights of the training program with 21st Century. My experience with the 21st Century team has been great.  Everyone has been very helpful with me getting my agency up and running. This is my third time attending and I plan on attending at least once a year. Veinsten Icas

Angel Caregivers Inc, IL

I really enjoyed the marketing presentation. I learned a lot of strategies on how I can market my business. The training was very informative and gives you step by step process of everything to need to know to be successful. My experience with 21st Century has been an eye opener. It gave me knowledge and inspiration to reach my goal which is to be a business owner. Joseph T. Castro

Blossom Care & Companions, CA

Hospitality was the highlight of the training program 21st Century provides. Home Care is a booming business and more people are interested in training and opportunities for patient referrals. I highly recommend attending 21st Century’s training program because you will gain the knowledge to have a successful home care business. Naba Acharya

Horizon Care, NY

21st Century’s material provided during training was very beneficial to my agency. There was enough time with each subject learned. I truly feel that 21st Century gives its clients everything they need to get through the accreditation process. It is up to the individual agencies on how they interpret the information given.  21st Century has been very responsive and helpful with all the information I have requested or the questions I needed answered. Michael Lechnowsky

Covenant Home Health Services, LLC

I learned so much about the medicare requirements for my skilled agency, how to properly bill for services and filing paperwork. 21st Century is very knowledgeable and has an array of resources to help anyone succeed. Kelvin Jongo

Greater Light Home Health Care, VA

I learned so much during training that I will be back again for sure. I recommend attending training to anyone who is thinking of opening an agency. There is so much that I need to do to open my agency that I don’t think I could have done it without the services of 21st Century. 21st Century team have been very welcoming and helpful. Bethanie Vesely

Maple Tree Home Health, FL

I have a much greater understanding of home health and now have a very good understanding of my path going forward. I have no idea how people navigate the home health process without 21st Century. I loved Rhonda and Lynn, they are amazing! The 21st Century team has been great. I loved how willing everyone was to answer as many questions as we had. They were very patient, kind, and gave good directions. Suzanne Halcur

Spark Home Health, CO

I received an enormous amount of information from 21st Century. The motivational speakers at training were very positive and inspiring. I plan on returning to boot camp again. 21st Century understands the industry and provides us all the information needed to become successful personally and in business. Elizbeth Gross

Hope House Home Healthcare, PA

Training was great. My overall experience in working with 21st Century team to open my agency has been wonderful. The staff is so friendly and informative. The information assistance, delivery, time given and enthusiasm provided by 21st Century goes above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend them as consultants to open your own agency. Thank you. Erin Parsekian

Global Care LLC, MA

The material provided during training has been very beneficial for my agency. I highly recommend you to come to training if you are thinking of opening your own agency. The staff at 21st Century are very friendly and knowledgeable. Rhonda is the best resource for information. Marina Vlady

Cerus Home Health, CT

My experience with 21st Century has been great. I really enjoyed every day. I learned so much. I realized and discovered all my mistakes. I feel more confident because of what I learned. I am on the right track to be successful. This training was necessary to contribute in the success of the agency I am working for. Paul Dallevand

Jodamax Nursing Agency, MA

The majority of the staff from sales to licensing is amazing. I highly recommend this boot camp to new owners. It was a real revelation for me. I have learned so much on the entire process, from admitting patients to discharging. I also learned the importance of networking. Gert Louis

Divinity Home Healthcare LLC, FL

The materials provided are very clear and helpful. I highly recommend coming to boot camp. The knowledge of the staff has been instrumental to understanding what I need to know so that my agency can be successful. As a registered nurse, I came to training thinking that I will learn and having some down time a bit during certain days that has not been the case. Since the start of training on Monday, it has been a non-stop learning. I learn something new every day. There is no way you will fail if you apply what you learned during training. Yole Pierre-Louis

Jodamax Nursing Agency, MA

Billing, Insurance, Preparing for survey, ACHC presenters, and Rhonda are awesome. Anyone attempting to build or start a home health care business should attend the boot camps provided by 21st Century. Working with 21st Century has allowed us to feel confident in expanding our home care business. 21st Century has helped us improve our overall business. Attending their boot camps expand our knowledge on the personal care and skilled care services. 21st Century helps with networking with referral sources and industries and companies who can help bring your business process into systemically running smoothly with software, billing, accreditation, etc. Joining 21st Century is truly joining a company that is a partnership with seeing your success. Flora Smith

Surpassion Healthcare Services, VA

The marketing and billing areas were the most beneficial materials provided during training. 21st Century is very good in answering questions and improving how to manage your agency as well as referrals. Great advice on how to manage and look at things to passing your Medicare survey.  21st Century is very interested in each business they work with. I feel they go to the extra mile to help you especially if you want to go the extra mile to make sure business succeeds. They are very attentive to issues that arise and help solve questions. Matthew Silver

Equilibrio Home Health of VA, VA

IMark’s billing presentation as well as the sections led by Lynn is what I found to be the most beneficial.  No matter where you are in the process, 21st Century is there to help you. They are beyond knowledgeable and fully educated on all states, which is impressive in itself. I am glad we chose 21st Century as our consultants. I will never regret that choice. Michelle Narramore

Warm Hearth at Home, VA

The material provided during training was beneficial to my agency. I highly recommend agencies coming to boot camp as you will learn what is needed to be successful. I just started my agency but my experience with 21st Century has been great so far. There are not enough words to say how thankful I am to 21st Century for all of what they have done so far to help me fulfill my dream. Training was very good and I am impressed. I am sure I will be back again. Fatima Bangura

Golden Fountain, PA

I found Billing, 485, Guest Speakers and Oasis was the highlight of the training.  My experiences with 21st Century have been great. A lot to consume. I wish I had known about 21st Century when we first started our business. The information received in boot camp is invaluable. Clannie Smith

Surpassion Healthcare Services, VA

I gained a lot of information from A to Z about how to open and operate a home health care company. Training was a wonderful experience. I met different people from different areas. We are not opened yet but I feel like I am already running a company because of the knowledge I received from this boot camp. Nimesh Patel

Lehigh Home Health Care, PA

Understanding the avenues for marketing was the highlight of the training for me. I highly recommend attending boot camp because you will receive in-depth knowledge of subject materials presented. 21st Century has extensive knowledge of the industry and will provide assistance to address concerns.  My experience with 21st Century is unmatched with any other consultation company.  They give you the necessary tools to have a competitive edge over your competition. Nokson Ugan

Excelsior Home Care LLC, MA

21st Century staff is very knowledgeable and resourceful. I have been able to get the answers to all my questions. Staff very knowledgeable on State specific information. They provide information and guidance in establishing start-up home care agencies. Their mission is to educate and guide you to ensure you are successful. I enjoy and feel confident in my agency with 21st Century. Stephany Powers

Prestige Home Health Care Agency, VA

It was great to see a guest speaker who is a true 21st Century success story! Overall training was thorough and incredibly helpful. The questions we had were answered quickly and thoroughly. The boot camp provided so much information that will help us become a successful business. I am grateful for what I have learned here. I feel much more confident and can’t wait to put great plans into action! Thank you! Stephanie Ketchem

1st Choice Home Care LLC, OH

The motivation and encouragement to know that I am able with dedication and persistence was the highlight of the training for me. Signing up with 21st Century was the best decision I made to start this venture. The value of the information and experience received is immeasurable and very beyond expectations. To truly feel and be treated as a part of a family that has a vision the same as my own has added to this experience ten-fold! Lane Wood

Remedy Home Health Care LLC, IN

Meeting the people I have been in contact with was the highlight of this training. Many questions I have asked over the phone/email I did not fully understand the answers given. I got complete answers at boot camp by having an opportunity to speak to a company rep face to face. Info was provided that I didn’t realize I needed to know. Everyone at 21st Century has been very helpful. Karen Walsh

Lehigh Home Health Care, PA

The material provided was beneficial to my agency. The highlight was that we can and should use LPN’s for home visits.  Bootcamp really provides support through the program, start-up, and survey and beyond. 21st Century is a great team. Very motivated to our success. Answers or finds the answers to your questions. Misty Minnick

Warm Hearth at Home, VA

Testimonial from a Home Care and Companion Care owner showed me how successful an agency can be. 21st Century provides the knowledge, expertise and motivation to start one’s own agency. The team at 21st Century are fantastic, friendly and very knowledgeable. Nya M. Trukna

Empathy Care LLC, NV

Validation of my current thoughts regarding the direction my company is heading was the most beneficial to me. My experiences has been very positive with 21st Century. When I have had issues or concerns, they have been addressed in a timely, professional manner.  The staff at 21st Century have been instrumental in the development of my Home Health Care company. Suzanne Wyatt-Deem

1st Choice Home Health Care LLC, OH

I now have a better understanding of the process as whole. 21st Century are great, very helpful and very approachable. Bootcamp is a must to attend, you will learn a lot and are always welcome back to attend training again. Pauline McCowan

Prestige Home Health Care Agency, VA

Material was very well organized and easy to follow. 21st Century is very proficient in the subject matter and love what they are doing.  21st Century have always been quick to answers to my questions. Coming to Boot Camp is must for any agency in order to be successful. Steven Genger

Little Rooster Home Care, VA

The highlights of training were Medicare ins and outs, hearing all the different speakers and getting exposed to new information. I learned a great amount of new information that was not familiar to me. Starting out this was a great experience. I feel more confident moving forward and have a better understanding on how to proceed. Tyler Dilbarian

Adaptive Homecare, MA

The marketing presentation was great. I received some great advice from Tom and John. Rhonda and Becky have been great. The encouragement and knowledge I received from 21st Century has given me the confidence in knowing I can be successful. Caroline Seignon

Magnet Home Health Care, FL

Most beneficial to me was office operations and billing. The information, content, speakers, meeting others in your same situation was extremely worthy of time spent at boot camp. Mary Murray

Equilibrio Home Health of VA, VA

Very informative and knowledgeable. Willing to explain material that is not understandable. Friendly and professional. They can direct you in all area of services. Shuaid Davis

Prestige Home Health Care Agency, VA

21st Century has simplified and guided the entire start-up for our agency. The boot camp provides a wealth of information and provides the necessary information that is critical for the success of our agency. I feel we already have an advantage over our competition before we ever opened to accept patients. Kim Mercille

CarePartners, MO

Testimonials from our recent clients who have attended this course – Home Care University